(XFW20 webinar) Optimal productivity in fintech engineering

24 September 2020 - 24 September 2020
(XFW20 webinar) Optimal productivity in fintech engineering
24 September 2020
Rasa Vaitke

(Webinar organised as part of Amsterdam Fintech Week 2020)

How to avoid wasting development effort:
Optimal productivity in fintech engineering
Whether you are a fintech startup founder looking to build your first MVP, or a bank CTO tasked with updating a complex ecosystem of corporate platforms and applications, you want your software developers to deliver results quickly and reliably. That rarely happens: of the 50,000 projects ranging from tiny enhancements to major global IT projects researched in Standish Group Chaos Report, only 29% were successful, 52% were challenged and 19% were outright failures.
These are terrifying statistics - but as years and decades go by you learn how to skew the odds in your favour. We don’t have all the answers – but over the 23 years we have spent helping our clients - ranging from big names like NASDAQ, Man Group, Equiniti, Bank Vontobel and Swedbank to emerging startups and SMEs like Bond Radar, Verse and Solum Financial - build out and integrate their digital platforms, we have discovered and adopted a number of principles, techniques and rules of thumb that help our fintech engineering teams get ever closer to optimal productivity. 
In this hour-long online webinar Metasite co-founder Aldas Kirvaitis will be discussing some of these techniques and tricks - the ones that we have found to have the most positive impact on our fintech engineering teams’ performance.
Key details
  • Zoom webinar
  • For those unable to attend the live session, we'll be making a recording available afterwards (but you still have to register to get it)
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