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Webinar: Protecting your Business from the Inside: Practical Steps in Upgrading Network Security in Finance

Did you know that 74% of data breaches start with privileged credential abuse? Often the most overlooked facet in an organisation’s security planning, it’s an easy win in upgrading infrastructure and protecting your business.

Privileged account management (also known as PAM) has changed a great deal over the last twenty years, evolving repeatedly to keep pace with technological advancements, resulting in many businesses having misconceptions about PAM and the power it wields in the cyber security space. PAM remains the first port of call when surveying a business’ security. A single misuse or compromise by a privileged account can lead to a data breach or costly business disruption. How do you know that privileged activity is not putting your organisation at risk?

Watch this session on-demand to discover:

• The principle of least privilege and what it looks like in a business
• What to look for when benchmarking your own approach to security
• Real world examples of PAM and how it can make or break a business
• How adopting a Zero Trust model can help you strengthen security

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