Host by StreamBase Systems Date October 16, 2007 12:00 am

Web Seminar Series: Real-Time Trading & TCA

StreamBase Systems, the leading provider of high-performance Complex Event Processing (CEP) software, would like to extend a special invitation for you to attend an exclusive Web Seminar Series in October focused on Real-Time Trading (16 October) and Transaction Cost Analysis (23 October).

These two web seminars will provide attendees with an in-depth overview outlining the leading-edge strategies and a complementary technology being leveraged by business and IT professionals at some of the world's top investment institutions and hedge funds.  In addition, an expert will also be on hand to specifically answer your questions and provide counsel on how to best address your unique business challenges.

Specific topics covered during these web seminars include:  
  • The architecture and requirements for building and deploying real-time trading and TCA applications

  • The IT Dilemma: Challenges around accelerating time-to-market for new trading and TCA systems

  • Understanding and overcoming the gap between requirements and implementation

  • Steps for moving beyond historical/post-trade analysis with the emergence and fusing of real-time market data

  • Leveraging high-performance CEP technologies for more diverse quantitative trading and optimal best execution

  • How new real-time trading strategies impact other key areas such as risk management, P&L

  • Determining the right technology solution: Point versus Platform

There is no charge to attend these exclusive web seminars.  To learn more and secure your space, please read the additional details below.