Tranquility Base: DevOps Approach

4 February 2020 - 4 February 2020
Tranquility Base: DevOps Approach
4 February 2020
Google London. 1-13 St Giles High Street
Benjamin Tranham

Tranquility Base, our open source offering will once again be showcased at our second Meetup at Google’s London Offices by Tottenham Court Road on Tuesday 4 February!

Licensed under Apache 2.0, Tranquility Base enables everyone to access best practice cloud adoption without restrictions. Organisations can migrate to Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure far more quickly than before. Tranquility Base provides a proven, secure Landing Zone implemented using Terraform code. The modularised code contains deep engineering experience in building automated cloud infrastructure.

The financial services industry still has to overcome many barriers to achieve a successful cloud adoption programme. And unless you have access to deep expertise across many technology areas this is very hard to do. We are finding that most firms are inexperienced and lack the controls and operating models required to create a secure managed cloud environment.

Entitled 'Tranquility Base: DevOps Approach’, this session will examine in depth our DevOps capabilities and SRE methods. We will cover how Self Service Provisioning, GitOps, Federated CI and CD interleave with each other to create a working recipe to land and scale up on cloud with Tranquility Base in a robust and resilient way.

We believe DevOps teams should be able to own the code and not be locked into a single cloud vendor or a third-party layer on top of their existing cloud providers.

Using our extensive experience across many projects, we have built a library of code that has proven to deliver best practice cloud migration and development.

This session will be run by a host of technical project leads, including Scott Holman, Parmendra Pratap and Karl Havard who collectively specialise in cloud migration and development.

We will also be providing food and drinks throughout the event!