Host by Treasury Peer Date April 26, 2016 12:00 am Location Quality Hotel View, Hyllie Stationstorg 29, 215 32

The Talent Show - Supply Chain Finance

Supply Chain Finance Event Program - by Treasury Peer 

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The Talent Show is a corporate driven supply chain finance event (as opposed to the bank perspective). The Show is also the only conference that focuses on the whole “corporate Financial Supply Chain (CFSC)” and how it links to the physical chain. CFSC must become more efficient and learn from lean six sigma etc. The Talent Show is unique with its CFSC focus and we have an audience that consists of CFO and CPO offices, supply chain, treasurers, IT and similar roles in the largest companies. Examples of companies participating include Sandvik, Mondi, Port of Rotterdam, Abengoa, Octal, Arriva, DONG Energy, Ericsson and Wolseley. We expect at least 150 company corporate executives.

Exhibitors are primarily Fintech wanting to connect with the corporate world. The exhibitors are allowed to pitch in 13 minutes and are questioned by a panel for an additional 15 minutes. The audience, of course, are invited to participate in the discussion. The Show is a Finance Conference to inspire and enhance creativity and interaction. In fact, we are creating new ground here. Most large companies have never had a structured contact with Fintech yet.

We attack the CFSC that is hugely inefficient. A few simple examples: a refrigerator that is a marvel of engineering and supply chain efficiency, costs an average of 50€ per year over its lifetime. A bank takes 100€ per year for a single company account! It often takes more time to send a payment internationally than sending the physical product. The annual costs of payments (which are simple credits / debits) are 2trillion$ = 2% of global GDP (it is fortunate that not all credits / debits transactions are so expensive). The rationalization potential of CFSC is huge. In fact, the CFSC will undergo a “Toyota Moment” with a focus on the reduction of lead times, costs and invested capital. Everyone understands it and the Show is the catalyst.

We expect that the division between the physical and CFSC to disappear more and more. Many companies will start to offer financial services along with their products and services to increase margins and competitiveness. I give examples of this below.

We have already secured 3 CFO to be talking about this. Among others, we have Mr. Murat Erden, EVP and CFO of Turkcell (the leading telecom of Turkey and Central Asia). As you know, the telecommunications industry is threatened by voice over IP (e.g. Skype) and Turkcell transforms through benefitting that they already sit on two strong distribution channels (telephones and retail shops) to reach out with complimentary financial products. Considering that Turkcell already leases the phones to the customers, they are already in the financial industry. Listen to how Turkcell uses its physical network to migrate the business and grow competitiveness. Murat has, for the second year in a row, been selected as TOP 50 CFO in global telecoms.

Peter Carlsson, until recently CPO at Tesla, will present how he led the design of a completely new supply chain from scratch with significant capital constraints.

Another example is how the logistic company UPS the past 5 years has built up a lending business taking the customers’ goods-in-transit as collateral. Now DHL follows suit. The logistics industry has razor thin margins and huge competition. UPS and DHL have the balance sheets to lend money and use them to gain interest rate margins, providing customers added value and improve UPSs and DHL’s competitiveness. Finance is very profitable. Who knows, maybe UPS and DHL eventually give away large parts of the logistics to get the lending?