Host by CompatibL Technologies LLC Date March 22, 2021 12:00 am

The Quantitative Finance Conference Spring Edition


CompatibL will be playing a major part in the Quantitative Finance Conference Spring Edition, which is being hosted online by World Business Strategies.


On day one of the conference, Monday March 22, our Executive Chairman, Alexander Sokol—a leading book author and winner of the Quant of the Year award by—will be speaking on the topic of market generators for long time horizons.


On day five of the conference, on Friday March 26 Alexander Sokol and Marko Kangrga (Senior Data Scientist of RavenPack) will chair a panel discussion on the unique challenges of using recent machine learning (ML) techniques in finance, as well as ML model risk and the potential of ML to shape the future of quantitative finance.


After the conference, from 9AM EST through 11AM EST on Monday March 29 and Tuesday March 30, Alexander will be hosting a post-conference workshop. This will focus on practical machine learning for quantitative finance. Each day of the workshop will include two 30-minute sessions followed by a 40-minute expert panel.