Host by TCS Financial Solutions Date December 2, 2021 12:00 am Location Online

TCS BaNCS - Can the Cloud make Corporate Actions Operating Models Invisible?

TCS BaNCS Dialogues

Corporate actions/asset servicing operating models have not seen any radical transformation in the past three decades. The focus has been on cleansing source data and managing complex and risk-inherent instructions, promoting a labor-intensive operations model--right from the exchanges and CSDs through to asset managers. The biggest impact, however, has been the delays in data processing and inflexible intermediary deadlines that restrict investment decision-making windows.

As a second installment in our TCS BaNCS Dialogues on Cloud and Asset Servicing, we will be examining the transformative role that technology and a Cloud First approach are playing in the evolution of next generation operating models in the corporate actions space. Our panelists will share their views and delve into the possibility of invisible operating models that draw upon high levels of automation and leverage cognitive tools such as AI and Machine Learning.

Niki Prodanovic , COO, Edward Jones
Nick Weiss , Director, STU - Azure Transformation, Financial Services at Microsoft
Will Sheehan, Senior Product Owner, Vanguard
Moderator: Giles Elliott,Global Head, Business Development, Capital Markets, TCS BaNCS
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