Host by DataStax Date March 27, 2018 12:00 am

Staying Ahead of Financial Fraud with an Always On Data Layer

On Demand Webinar

To stop fraud in the moment or even before it happens, enterprises today need a data layer capable of processing high volumes of streaming data and analyzing relationships between massive amounts of transactions in real time. The data layer should have built-in enterprise-class security to prevent identity theft and safeguard customer data.

In this webinar learn how DataStax Enterprise, an always-on data layer with graph capabilities, is helping some of the world’s top brands, including 9 of the top 15 global banks, combat and prevent fraud in real time.

Speaker: Richard Henderson, DataStax
Richard joined DataStax as a Solution Engineer in May 2017. His focus is helping customers along the same journey; showing what it means to be truly available and scalable, and how they can confidently create value on that foundation, without losing essential characteristics like security and operational sustainability.