Host by SS&C Date May 25, 2017 12:00 am Location London

SS&C Closed Ended Fund Accounting Master Class


It is vital for closed ended funds to ensure investors pay an equitable share of the carried interest to investment managers and for investors to decipher the various returns calculations of a closed ended fund. Hybrid hedge/closed ended structures allow for greater transparency of investment returns on certain illiquid asset types and require more advanced performance fee calculations to ensure investment managers are remunerated appropriately.


This masterclass will provide an overview of the main returns calculation methods and waterfall calculations used by closed ended structured funds. It will show how they can be structured to ensure your investors are charged an equitable share of the carried interest to the investment manager and align the interests of your investors to the investment manager. We will include worked examples of the various returns calculations and waterfall distribution methods and we will look at how to segregate income streams and investor carried interest.

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Closed Ended Fund Accounting:
performance return metrics and waterfall distribution calculation