Host by Kyriba Date February 28, 2022 04:00 pm Location Online

Put Your Excess Cash to Work - Dynamic Discounting Optimization & Considerations

Global Finance Magazine's 2021 Best Supplier Enablement software was awarded to Kyriba, despite the supplier hardships corporates faced this past year. There’s been a major reset in the post-pandemic world for most organizations, not many businesses have prospered and gone unscathed. The industries that have tended to fare better than most: food retail, e-commerce, and retailers that cater for home improvements. With interest rates remaining flat across the globe, the challenge is how to make your cash work harder for you?

By deploying a dynamic discounting program, what better way to put your organization's cash to work by paying your small and strategic suppliers early in return for a discount and at the same time strengthening the supply chain with much-needed cash flow.

During this session we cover the following:

- How to deploy successful programs
- Maximize returns on cash deployed
- Pitfalls to avoid
- Various approaches of dynamic discounting functionality for example push vs. pull functions
- Delve into Corporate social responsibility