Host by NXTsoft Date March 31, 2020 12:00 am

NXTsoft Offers Free Remote Work Security Series


NXTsoft has made available for


, a five class educational series on

 Remote Work Security


that you can use to

 educate your employees



 proper practices to take when working from home to maintain your company's security.

The series, delivered through NXTsoft's ThreatAdvice Learning Management System, includes short video classes and five question quizzes and covers the topics of:

  • How to Work from Safely Home Part 1
  • How to Work from Home Safely Part 2
  • An Effective Work from Home Security Policy: What & Why
  • What Is Endpoint Security?
  • Cyber Risks of Remote Work

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Don't hesitate to reach out if NXTsoft can assist you with setting up a secure remote working environment (or with further cybersecurity oversight!)