Mapping the Opportunities for Insight-driven Data Management

29 January 2019 - 29 January 2019
Mapping the Opportunities for Insight-driven Data Management
29 January 2019
Martijn Groot


A new generation of data management tools is moving beyond operational and IT efficiency to data exploration for the business user. In this webinar we discuss recent research findings and use case on how firms are adopting insight-driven data management to: 



    Move beyond data collection and data mastering to servicing business users’ needs for data exploration and improving the speed and quality of decision making.



    Upgrade capabilities to enable business users to keep pace with increasingly data-intensive business processes.



    Adopt cloud and NoSQL technologies to realize material efficiency gains as well as opening up a firm’s data for distribution and discovery to improve investment performance, shorten change cycles as well as manage risk and meeting compliance goals.




This webinar will present key findings from our research into insight-driven data management, including business drivers, technology priorities and use cases.