Finastra Universe – Community Markets

30 September 2019 - 2 October 2019
30 September 2019 - 2 October 2019
Tameka Hylick

Finastra Universe is a conference that brings together senior executives from banks and credit unions to discuss Fintech, the future of financial services and the increasing need for financial institutions to transform their businesses to become more agile, innovative, resilient and customer-focused. Finastra Universe is designed to help banks and credit unions address the challenges posed by an increasingly dynamic market, offering expert insight into the latest developments in technology and process efficiency. This two-day event blends together trends analysis and regional experts to explore the growing impact of technology on the banking sector and the challenges facing financial institutions as they become strategically focused, technologically adept and operationally agile organizations.

The theme for this event is Collaborate to Innovate, focusing on the new shape of disruption: how academia, Fintech, software and financial institutions are collaborating as one, to design the future of banking. More than 300 senior professionals from U.S. financial institutions will join us to learn more about the future of digital, open banking, Artificial Intelligence (AI), real-time payments, banking as a platform, and more.