Host by European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group Date July 6, 2017 12:00 am Location Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College London, Prince Consort Road, Building

EuSpRIG 2017: The World’s Leading Spreadsheet Risk Management Conference

The European Spreadsheet Risk Interest Group Conference (EuSpRiG 2017 in association with Imperial Data Science Institute) will be held at on Thursday July 6th 2017.

What Are The Benefits of Attending the EuSpRIG 2017 Conference?

EuSpRIG is the only accessible source of relevant information on the subject
EuSpRIG attracts international expert speakers on the subject
EuSpRIG mixes academic and commercial interests, making us both forward
clearlooking & practical
EuSpRIG information is valuable ammunition in the battle to get the spreadsheet
clearrisks issue taken seriously within your organisation
EuSpRIG’s ideas are practical and implementable
EuSpRIG can demonstrate a track record of success
EuSpRIG is the only conference in its field that that you need to attend
EuSpRIG offers an opportunity to meet the regulator
EuSpRIG is an excellent forum for social & business networking
EuSpRIG provides a useful forum for earning CPD credits

We guarantee you'll learn something useful if you come!