Host by ERI Bancaire S.A. Date June 17, 2021 10:00 am Location Singapore

Custody: The evolution from traditional assets to digital assets

The convergence of traditional assets with digital assets brings a new wave of challenges influencing the future of financial institutions on multiple fronts.
This June, stay ahead of the curve with ERI and BitDATA Exchange in an exciting webinar on custody services, the evolution of traditional assets, and the digitisation of assets. Be at the forefront of technology and understand how banks worldwide embrace the brave new world of digital asset custody.
Key highlights
• Gain insights into the approach of banking professionals from Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa to the custody of traditional and digital assets.
• Explore the world of digital asset custody with one of the world's first crypto-asset banks, SEBA Bank AG.
• Learn about the Custody Services Digital Road Map White Paper published by ERI and IBS Intelligence.