Host by Calypso Technology Inc. Date June 30, 2020 12:00 am

Collateral Management & Risk under stressed Monetary Operations - EMEA

Throughout the COVID 19 unprecedented economic crisis, Central Banks have played a major role in maintaining the liquidity and stability of economies - and continue to do so. 

Strategic monetary operations have had to be employed and numerous tools put in place at very short notice.

This has resulted in a critical evolution of the Collateral Management associated and revealed the importance of close risk monitoring

With ten Calypso clients across the globe using our Central Bank end-to-end solution to support their reserve management, treasury and monetary operations, we have direct experience of these operations. 

We would like to share some of the key ways in which the Calypso Central Bank platform can help in  providing liquidity to the market and monitoring risks in a crisis situation. 

 Register now to hear from our guest speaker Bjørn Jul Østergaard from Danmarks National Bank, as well as Calypso experts.