Host by Calypso Date May 14, 2020 12:00 am

Collateral Management and UMR Compliance in Highly Volatile Markets

Providing valuable insights into the topic, the Calypso Collateral Management and UMR Compliance Webinar will:

  • Examine how to continue to prepare for UMR compliance, while navigating unprecedented market changes
  • Look at the benefits of managing UMR calculations and collateral management in a single system during highly volatile markets, and
  • Consider the challenges and opportunities beyond compliance, given the increase in margin calls
Hear from our expert panel:
Tara Kruse - Global Head of Infrastructure, Data and Non-Cleared Margin, ISDA
Amor Chebira - Market & Financing Services COO, BNP Paribas
John Montgomery - Senior Specialist, Global Derivatives, World-leading investment management company
Sophie Marnhier-Foy - Director, Product Management, Calypso Technology
Alan Sheehan - Director, Product Management, Calypso Technology

Register for 14th May - Local Times:

London: 3 PM
Paris: 4 PM
New York: 10 AM

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