Host by bobsguide Date October 23, 2018 12:00 am

bobsguide Webinar -Compliance and regulatory reporting for multinationals




Tuesday, October 23, 2018



09:00 AM British Summer Time



1 hour

Over the past few years, financial regulations have grown exponentially, leading to new systems, processes and costs. For multinationals, the burdens are perhaps even more problematic, as they must rely on multiple jurisdictional regtech solutions which must work collectively, and report back to management in a clear and coherent manner on the state of the overall organisation's performance.

Topics covered with industry experts include:


  • How the regulatory landscape has developed within financial markets over the past few years, and the firms have had to readjust, including the divergence in regulatory goals
  • How regtech has developed to assist financial market participants
  • Regulations in the offing - such as SFTR - which firms must prepare for