Host by Altair Date August 5, 2020 12:00 am

Altair Data Analytics and Financial Fraud Prevention

Live Webinar – Wednesday, August 5th I 10:30 a.m. EDT 

Speakers: Alyson Kelly, Senior Solutions Specialist, Altair & Julian Jerzerick, Senior Solutions Specialist, Altair


Combating fraud requires technologies and business processes that are flexible in their construct, can be understood by all who are involved in fraud prevention, and are agile enough to adapt to new attacks without needing to be rebuilt from scratch. Data from all business units and functional silos must be included to create a holistic view of the success of fraud operations. Insight found in classical auditing techniques and predictive Machine Learning models, combined with the expertise of fraud analysts can foster an evidenced-based methodology to quickly respond to new financial crimes.


Join our experts as we discuss:


  • Various data transformation models that focus on fraud detection (ie. Digit tests, Relative Size Factor test and others)

  • Automation of data workflows to capture anomalous behaviour in the background

  • Creation of flexible, understandable and agile business rules using Machine Learning

  • Machine Learning capabilities for fast visual anomaly detection