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Xenomorph London Head Office

4th Floor 10 Lloyd's Avenue

Xenomorph New York Office

80 Broad Street 5th Floor
New York


+44 (0)20 77789400


Lucinda Kingswood
[email protected]

Xenomorph EDM

Xenomorph’s Enterprise Data Management (EDM) solution encompasses the high performance capture, cleansing, storage, integration, analysis and distribution of reference, historical, real-time and derived data for any financial asset class.

Xenomorph Price Master

Xenomorph includes an in-built calculation engine and the ability to integrate proprietary or 3rd party models. Our flexible data model enables us to support pricing of any asset, no matter how complex – from exotic derivatives to bespoke structured products.

Xenomorph Security Master

Central, audited data warehousing for all data relating to financial instruments including terms and conditions, pricing, rates, curves, time series, surfaces and custom/OTC attributes. New asset classes and fields can be added quickly and easily, delivering a comprehensive data management solution.

Xenomorph Prices/Rates/Curves Management

Powerful, customisable support for rates, curves and surfaces ranging from real-time capture of data from a data feed to instantaneous publication of a validated curve or surface to end-users. Fully historic in nature, allowing curves to be reconstituted and recalculated at any point in time.

Xenomorph Tick/Time Series database

A powerful database engine for managing vast quantities of time-series data (daily, semi-static, intraday, tick-by-tick) for any kind of data (including rates, prices, curves, surfaces, dividend schedules, index compositions, baskets and many other data types.