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Xenomorph London Head Office

4th Floor 10 Lloyd's Avenue

Xenomorph New York Office

80 Broad Street 5th Floor
New York


+44 (0)20 77789400


Lucinda Kingswood
[email protected]

Mission Statement

We believe that great decisions are made when everyone can easily access and analyze the same high quality data. Based on this belief, we develop software solutions for financial markets that enable both technologists and business users alike to manage, cleanse and analyze more data, more quickly.


Our TimeScape analytics and data management solution encompasses the high performance capture, cleansing, storage, integration, analysis and distribution of reference, historical, real-time and derived data for any financial asset class.


TimeScape EDM+ manages the complete lifecycle of data from acquisition and storage, to validation, analysis and distribution to downstream systems. It centralizes the management of front, middle and back-office data and provides validated, high quality datasets for use in operations, risk management, regulatory reporting and decision support.


The origins of our expertise and technology can be traced back to the development of a high performance time-series database platform for Bankers Trust in 1995. Faced with the need to be first to market client quotes for complex derivatives on baskets of equities, bonds and fx, Bankers Trust worked with Xenomorph to develop our XDB vector database. The system combined the best in high performance data analysis with data transparency, data quality and ease of use – principles which form the basis for the company’s work today.


Combining the best in high performance data analysis with data transparency, data quality and ease of use.


Our goal is to continue to reimagine how firms can more easily manage, analyse and monetize data seamlessly. We want our clients to spend less time manually validating data and more time understanding the data, in order to accelerate regulatory compliance, streamline their operations, and bring innovations of their own to the marketplace.