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OneSumX Suite

OneSumX provides an ecosystem of complementary and comprehensive solutions and services to manage the intersection of governance, finance,  risk and compliance—increasing organizational profitability, efficiency and growth. The crisis has forced firms to take revised look at their internal governance procedures and approach to risk management. Financial institutions are strengthening these processes and are giving them …

OneSumX for Finance

OneSumX for Finance solutions support you in your strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting through industry-acclaimed simulations and analytics. The finance function is facing significant changes that are reshaping the way it operates. To support these changes, it requires access to more complex systems, with high tech components and highly-skilled guidance. The markets, the board, management, …

OneSumX Operational Risk

Effectively Manage Operational Risk Of all the different types of risks financial services organizations face, operational risk can be the most devastating and at the same time, the most difficult to anticipate. Its appearance can result in sudden and dramatic reductions in the value of an organization. It cannot be managed successfully with a few …

OneSumX for Risk Management

Today, financial services organizations are pursuing a strategy that provides greater links between risk and performance. They are being challenged to develop better risk management indicators, more integrated risk management, and to embed risk in the front office. They need to improve all three lines of defense to manage operational risk and improve performance and …

OneSumX Regulatory Reporting

Improve accuracy, timeliness, quality, and efficiency of your Regulatory Reporting requirements with OneSumX. Today, financial institutions are confronted by more assertive and aggressive regulators and wider and more intrusive rules. Banks, insurance companies, fund managers and other financial firms face tough and challenging times. As regulatory policy initiatives continue to be presented in jurisdictions around …