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Vneuron Risk and Compliance


Painless Compliance is a changing world

Mission Statement

Vneuron Compliance Solutions aims to deliver all the functionality related to AML compliance expected by financial service regulators and partner institutions. In a simple, fast, hassle-free, and cost-effective software suite.


Vneuron Risk and Compliances a cloud-based AML compliance suite for financial institutions. Reis RCS brings an immediate response through its four compliance modules:
Reis RCS brings an immediate response to financial institutions through its 4 compliance modules:
Reis KYC: for full customer onboarding sanction screening, and Risk-based approach
Reis Real-time Transaction Filtering
Reis AML: Transaction Monitoring for suspicious and unusual behavior detection


Reis RCS is a comprehensive AML compliance.
* Its modules provide all expected regulatory requirements for Financial Institutions
* It is equipped with an integration workbench which allows it to connect with a widespan of IS generations: Modern and API-based systems to legacy ones (AS400, HP3000, etc.)
*It is adapted to each client specific jurisdiction and requirements
* It is powered with AI and ML for guaranteed effectiveness and accuracy


Formed in 2018 as a spin-off Vneuron Group, Vneuron Risk and Compliance Is serving the Financial Market with next-generation technology to help fight financial crime in a changing regulatory and technology landscape.
We offer expertise and an unmatched range of modules of integrated solutions for banks, insurance companies, asset management, payment institutions, and remittance.


Finastra Executive Leadership Team
Mahmoud Mhiri – Chief Executive Officer
Ghassan Hamrouni – Chief Product and Technology Officer
Anis Gharbi – Chief Risk and Compliance Officer & Expert
Mounir Baccouche – Chief Commercial Officer, Marketplaces, Business, and Corporate Development
Manel Thabet – Chief Financial Officer