Mission Statement

Too often, the financial services industry doesn’t do things the right way. In fact, it purposefully does things the wrong way in order to maximize profits. Where do their profits come from? Their clients. This is a massive conflict of interest. I dismiss the traditional financial advisory fee structure to remove conflicts of interest. My clients pay one fee that is clear and fair. They know I work only in their best interest. That is fiduciary.


  Verbatim is a comprehensive flat fee financial planner and advisor. Verbatim serves clients who are mid to late career and want sound advice that will help them achieve their goals, from someone who’s been there/done that. Verbatim’s full-service financial planning, advisory, and investment management services keep clients moving along the right path, giving them the freedom to focus on the things they really care about. Verbatim serves clients nationwide. Honest advice.


The purpose of money is remove stress from our lives, not add to it. My purpose is to help my clients lower stress levels wherever money touches their lives.