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Tracey Symons
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SwapMarker is the world’s most widely used real-time reference product for the global interest rate derivatives market. It combines data from Tullett Liberty, the benchmark for over 15 years, within a single comprehensive information solution.

SwapMarker Plus

SwapMarker Plus adds the power of real-time pricing for the global interest rate option skews, inflation-linked derivatives and constant maturity swaps to the existing SwapMarker offering


Tullett Prebon Information’s Mark2Marker solution provides independent pricing mark-to-market end-of-day and intra-day valuation, risk management and compliance

TreasuryMarker and MortgageMarker

TreasuryMarker provides the most accurate real time indicative prices and yeields for the global government debt markets. MortgageMarker offers the higest degree of accuracy in delivering the most objective and comprehensive price discovery for US TBA mortgage-backed pass through securities

Direct Connectivity and Enterprise Solutions

Direct Connectivity – A full suite of direct connections to real-time capital markets, fixed income and money market information. Enterprise Solutions – Independent OTC information, market leading commercial terms and highly costomisable and low cost data delivery options.