Loan Software for Lenders and Banks

Mission Statement

Provide the financial industry with simple and convenient tools for solving day-to-day tasks leading to business growth and customer loyalty.

Financial companies who have used our products to automate their lending process confirm up to 90% reduction in operational efforts, compared to a manual process.


RNDpoint’s web-based platform digitizes lending, allowing financial organizations to go digital in 2-4 months and launch new products in days.

The four key components of ABLE Platform:
1. ABLE Origination – loan origination platform.
2. ABLE Monitoring – early warning system and CMS.
3. ABLE Collection – debt collection software.
4. ABLE Scoring – credit scoring software.

We also created ProcessMix, a low-code business rule management system.


20+ banks trust us
96% customer satisfaction rate
120+ top-notch experts
2 offices in the UK and USA


It all began in 2014 when a small group of highly skilled engineers with deep expertise in the financial domain founded RNDpoint.

Over the years, RNDpont has become a trustworthy technology partner for banks and non-banking lending institutions. Our product – ABLE Platform – automates all lending operations at every stage of the customer life cycle for both consumer and commercial lending businesses. This includes customer onboarding, monitoring and early warning, collections and recoveries.


Loan Management, Servicing, Debt Collection. End-to-end modular lending platform for banks and credit unions, fintechs and alternative lenders. AI-powered precision of loan decision-making. Up to 80% of business requirements are covered with the out-of-the-box solution.


Work not “for the client”, but “with the client”, taking responsibility, becoming a reliable provider, an extended team focused on the result.


Today, RNDpoint employs more than 120 certified specialists. Day by day, our experts improve the lending efficiency of financial organizations worldwide. Sometimes even more than 10 times. With us, large banks and MFIs automate their operations and grow customer loyalty.

RNDpoint is headquartered in the UK, London. We also have a satellite office in Dover, Delaware.

Key Customers

Banka Kombetare Tregtare, First Abu Dhabi Bank, Eurasian Bank, Tengri Bank, TBC Bank, URALSIB, Bank VTB, MTBank, Renaissance Credit.