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Seth Johnson
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Redi2’s Revenue Manager serves the world’s top asset managers

Mission Statement

Boston-based Redi2 Technologies, Inc. has earned the confidence of many of the world’s leading financial institutions. Over 750 financial services firms, with aggregated assets under management or administration of over $10 trillion, calculate their complex fee types with Redi2’s financial services billing solutions. In partnership with IBM’s Private Cloud Services, Redi2’s Revenue Manager also provides clients with unfettered global coverage and unsurpassed security.


Revenue Manager harnesses industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) software; an interactive 360-degree view of relevant client data; and IBM-anchored cloud-based global access and data security to enable investment management firms to:


• Increase fee efficiencies and plug fee leaks
• Generate tailored, comprehensive reporting, including our 360-degree client-focused view
• Integrate existing infrastructure across platforms, such as with general ledgers, including Oracle, Workday, Coda, or Epicor; or with CRM packages, such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics
• Automate custom billing scenarios, create customized invoices
• Simplify user interface and workflow functionality to minimize errors and increase productivity


The pioneer of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model for financial services billing solutions, Redi2’s Revenue Manager is built with best-of-breed from a tech-stack perspective and is engineered for the stringent data security requirements our top-line customer base demands. We arm our clients with exceptional knowledge and insight through our 360-degree capabilities, which allows users to easily select their most critical functions and visually review them within one window.


Revenue Manager’s AI-enabled technology allows for streamlined, highly accurate revenue collection. Once Revenue Manager’s AI has been trained based on your firm’s billing practices and scenarios, you can auto-approve all your firm’s invoices with just one click, so you can speed up the revenue collection process. AI invoice processing also gives asset managers the ability to quickly flag billing scenarios that need additional quality checks, among other features.


“We chose to work with Redi2 Technologies because of their domain expertise, professionalism and proven track record of excellent customer service, delivering even the most complex implementations on time and within budget,” said Karen Storie.