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Chris Martins
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"Our vision was for ‘Everything as a Service’ - to create a bubble where our people can’t tell if they’re building software for a bank or any of the software companies in the world. We wanted to be able to quickly take an idea to production while meeting

Mission Statement

Delivering better services faster, with less risk and cost, is a constant challenge.

Imagine being able to get business ideas into production in a day. Be first to market with experiences that customers want. Integrate security to ensure compliance is automatic, strong, and simple.

We can help you realize this vision with open solutions from Red Hat. Being more open means being able to take advantage of new opportunities. It means better collaboration between your teams and with communities that are solving today’s biggest challenges. It means choice of the best technologies and partners. Make the most of all these benefits with Red Hat, a leader in open source for 25 years.

Move your business forward, faster.


Move forward, faster with open solutions from Red Hat.


Do more for customers.
Offer individual customers greater access and personalization. Provide institutions the speed, volume, and accuracy they demand.

Be first to market.
Get faster at creating and rolling out new services that help you gain and keep a competitive edge.

Save time and money.
Free up resources by optimizing what you have, raising productivity, and modernizing apps and infrastructure.

Streamline compliance.
Ensure your systems are set up to make compliance as automatic, strong, and simple as possible.


We revolutionized the operating system with Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®. Now, we have a broad portfolio, including hybrid cloud infrastructure, middleware, agile integration, cloud-native application development, and management and automation solutions. With Red Hat technologies, companies can successfully adapt as business becomes more digital and interconnected.

We are Red Hat. We’ve been here for more than 25 years, and we’re here to help you face your business challenges head-on.


Build better apps and APIs.
Get more from apps and APIs with agile integration, containers, microservices, and DevOps.

Simplify and automate processes.
Increase compliance, efficiency, and speed by automating functions and unifying management.

Take advantage of multiple clouds.
Bring together the best cloud options for you to maintain control while adding scalability and agility for the future.

Accelerate connectivity.
Adopt standard technologies that speed up connections between apps, APIs, data, and devices.


Expand your opportunities.
Being more open means being able to take advantage of new types of services, technologies, and alliances.

Create a culture of collaboration.
Incorporate tools, methods, and mindsets that make it easier for all your teams to work together.

Join a community of innovators.
Benefit from open communities that are solving today’s biggest challenges and creating tomorrow’s solutions.

Have choice and integration.
An open model gives you flexibility to choose the best tools and providers, while strengthening interoperability.