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RA-Cheetah, ultra low-latency FIX engine

The RA–Cheetah™ FIX engine is the highest performing lowest latency messaging engine for the FIX protocol. Whether you need a low-latency .NET / C# FIX engine or a low-latency Java FIX Engine, RA-Cheetah provides the lowest-latency FIX Engine available on the market today. For: Exchanges & MTF’s, Sell- Side, Buy- Side, Transaction Hubs, ISV’s How RA-Cheetah FIX …

RA-Cub, entry level FIX Engine

The RA–Cub FIX engine is an entry level low cost FIX engine designed to give new entrants an affordable flexibility. RA-Cub provides a smooth upgrade to the RA-Cheetah FIX Engine so transition to a low-latency engine later on, should it be required, is a simple operation, requiring no new Systems Integration effort. RA-Cub is available …

RA-ShortCut for FIX, BizTalk Adaptor

RA-ShortCut for FIX is the workd’s first adaptor that fully FIX-enables Microsoft’s BizTalk. Using ShortCut for FIX users can integrate with other protocols, e.g. SWIFT, and easily extend Microsoft’s FMSB platform. Sample integration maps are provided out of the box. EMX version also available.

RA-ShortCut for EMX, BizTalk Adaptor

RA-ShortCut for EMX is an adaptor for Microsoft’s BizTalk workflow product. RA-ShortCut extends the capabilities of the Microsoft FMSB allowing easy integration with SWIFT, ESB, SAP, and other protocols and products. Typical installation takes 1 day.

u-Broker,browser-based, FIX-enabled order capture tool

u-Broker™ is our Sell-side application that connects Brokers to multiple Institutions. u-Broker™ supports multiple asset classes, including Equities, Equity Options, and Futures. Users can accept and reject all orders from personal blotter screens, export data for automatic loading into 3rd-Party applications, and send Allocations. New activity is automatically displayed onscreen without the user having to …

GRHub™ high-performing, FIX Message order routing hub

GRHub™ high-performing, FIX Message order routing hub high-performing, order routing hub with the capability to manage, compress and disseminate multiple market data streams in a highly efficient manner using standard FIX messages. GRHubTM onward routes FIX messages or can support conversion to and from numerous middleware protocols, both proprietary and commercial, and is built on …