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Simon Harris
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GMC Inspire for Wealth Management

GMC Inspire enables Wealth Management firms to execute cost-effective customer communication & Client Reporting strategies that strengthen relationships and engage clients at every touchpoint. Through relevant, multichannel communications.

GMC Inspire Dynamic Statement

GMC Inspire Dynamic Statements are the next generation of customer statements, highly personalised and interactive. They will enable your business delivering information to customers in the way they want, when they want.  Inspire Dynamic Statement will transform the customer experience and drive business growth.   

GMC Inspire™ Interactive: for personalised communications

Written One-to-One customer interactions can be very labour-intensive and can inject risk into the business. Overwhelmed customer-facing agents may not always adhere to branding and compliance rules, ill chosen wording may be used thus compromising the business. GMC Inspire Interactive lets business users such as agents and service rep's select the right template and the …

GMC Inspire Hybridmail

 With GMC Inspire Hybridmail, you will eliminate hidden costs from your business with a single click while improving staff productivity and removing risks on business critical communications.