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Simon Harris
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Mission Statement

GMC provides Customer Communications Management solutions to organizations and their partners. We make the complexity of creating and maintaining a dynamic communication portfolio simple and easy to use. Our focus is to bring actionable innovation to market faster and smarter than anyone else in the industry, giving our clients a competitive edge in a market shaped by rapidly changing consumer-technology.
GMC empowers companies around the world to drive more efficient and effective customer communications. We offer the only single-design solution for all channels and span the entire customer journey. With more then 20 years of experience, over 1,600 clients and one of the largest CCM focused R&D teams, GMC is the leader in customer communications.


GMC Software, leader in Customer Communications Management, empowers banking and insurance organisations to drive efficient and effective customer communications.
GMC Inspire, has been chosen by Corner Banca, BBVA, Santander among others, to create, manage and deliver unmatched quality omni-channel communications.


• Generate revenue by upselling and cross selling new products and services
• Reduce cost by providing a simple to use solution for all customer communication
• Optimize processes by centralizing their customer communication management
• Ensure compliance by following regulations and rules
• Remain competitive by providing services consumers expect
• Provide better customer service — by giving easy access to customer-facing documents


Today, GMC serves more than 1,600 customers around the world in over 60 countries. While being a key solution for service providers due to the robust engine and high production capabilities, GMC has continued to invest in our solution developing industry-leading capabilities for interactive and dynamic communications. This focus has allowed GMC to increase our footprint in many other industries such as Healthcare, Financial Services and Insurance organizations. GMC has been the recipient of countless awards with the PSP market and most recently received the Xcelent Technology Award for 2014 in the Insurance Market. Finovate, a leading Finanacial Services and Banking association, has also invited GMC to present our CCM innovations to their members for the past two years. Analyst firms such as Forrester (Forrester DOCCM Wave Report 2014) and Gartner (Gartner CCM Magic Quadrant 2014) have ranked GMC as a Customer Communications Management leader in 2013 and 2014, confirming our strategy, product value and the growth of our install base.


Today’s banks are constantly competing in a market where many differentiation options are disappearing as regulations change. The last area to differentiate is creating a better customer experience that improves with each additional client products or service. However, today’s systems are silos (on-premise/cloud, mergers/acquisitions) that make the customer experience fragmented. It is getting both expensive and risky to communicate with customers across a growing collection of channels.
GMC Inspire is improving communications so the bank becomes a trusted advisor to clients, by offering relevant products and services. Financial institutions compete on being a single source provider and must differentiate from the other banks.

Unique Features
• Single proof file to prove compliance across all channels for each communication
• Interactive technology that deploys with a simple URL to speed up complex contracts and proposals
• Integrated e-signature technology that accelerates the creation and execution steps of complex financial transactions
• Create multichannel customer communications from a single Designer GUI
• Dynamic Communications creates responsive communications that instantly adapt to whatever device a consumer prefers


GMC Inspire delivers a seamless customer experience that incorporates all financial products across every step of the customer journey, and in compliance with rules and regulations. This improved customer experience delivers more information, valuable insight, and improvements increasing customer satisfaction and ultimately improving the lifetime customer value. GMC customers improve account conversions, accelerate transaction times, and reduces operational costs.


Henri Dura (CEO)