The Digital Wealth Management Platform

Mission Statement

QPLIX equips wealth managers with the digital power to go above expectations and look beyond the horizon.

As your technology partner, we help you to innovate and outpace the competition. By digitally transforming your business processes from data operations to back and front office, you gain efficiency and are able to scale. Free your team from tedious routine tasks and enable them to focus on creating real value and new business opportunities.


QPLIX GmbH digitalizes the management of complex assets. We are the technology partner of leading single and multi-family offices, foundations, investment and pension funds, advisers, asset managers, institutional investors, and private banks such as the Deutsche Bank Wealth Management. The QPLIX software holistically maps the entire range of asset classes as well as complex legal entity structures. With 120 billion € Assets under Management, QPLIX is one of the world’s leading players.


All data in one place: illiquid, liquid, and alternative asset classes, multiple banks and custodians, complex ownership structures, investment guidelines, transactions, documents, currencies, market data, indices, scorings such as ESG valuations.

Process automation: Give your team an efficiency boost by streamlining and automating accounting, analytics, controlling, reporting, ordering, etc.

Stellar customer experience: Serve your customers with web dashboards, apps, and compelling reports


2012: QPLIX is founded by three investment professionals working for a German Single Family Office at the time.

2013: Only one year after its foundation, there are already 10 bn € managed on the platform. The first QPLIX customers are mainly single-family offices in Germany.

2014 – today: New customer segments and internationalization.

2020: Deutsche Bank Wealth Management becomes a key customer and investor. QPLIX remains completely independent.

2021 Assets under Management rise to 120 bn €.


QPLIX is about technology enhancing human expertise and customer experience. We are convinced that success in Wealth Management is and always will be about having superior data and digital tools supporting people. We enable your entire team to deliver highly personalized services, create tangible value and strengthen the client-advisor relationship. We focus on data management and process automation, so you can focus on financial performance, service excellence, and growing your business.


Go above customer expectations. Look beyond the horizon. Never stop innovating.


The company was founded by the former wealth managers Kai Linde, Philipp Poetzl, and Mathias Lindermeir. The team consists of over 80 software and financial experts at its Munich and Frankfurt offices.

Key Customers

Leading family offices, foundations, pension funds, institutional investors, asset managers, investment advisers, and private banks such as Deutsche Bank Wealth Management.

Never have investment portfolios been more diversified and internationalized. New asset classes emerge. Pressure from regulation and competition rises. The way we work as a team and with our clients has changed. Crisis. Complexity. Change. Disruption. Some see the opportunities, some see the challenges. If you’re in team “Opportunities”, then QPLIX is your partner. We give you the digital power to turn complexity into opportunity.