Full you business with Markets Insights

Mission Statement

Organise Financial Markets information and make it transparent, accessible, affordable and useful to its ecosystem.


We are a Netherlands based FinTech that is focused on bring together public and private data to power business decisions in a low cost way. Born in 2021, Propellant.Digital is headed up by founders Vincent Grandjean, and Allan Horgan, both professionals who have a long history in the financial market technology sector and wanted to leverage their experience to create a solution that was cost-effective.


Leveraging cloud technology, Propellant.Digital captures and normalises public data and proprietary data, using advanced analytics to deliver business insights, that give clients a competitive edge.


Vincent Grandjean is the founder and CEO of Propellant.Digital. He has extensive experience of leading Fixed Income e-trading strategic initiatives, from working in product management at Santander, SocGen, Citi and UBS. His experience combines Fixed Income, Market Structure and Cloud Technology.

Allan Horgan is the Chief Product and Technology Officer. He brings extensive technical experience in Capital Markets, market data and regulation to Propellant, having recently worked for Optiver.

Key Customers

Banks, Asset Managers and trading firms of all sizes are key targets for the service, as it drives their business strategy.

This public data can be also very valuable for industry research firms but also universities. It would allow much more academic interest research in the domain.