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Baxon London Head Office

Vintners' Place 68 Upper Thames Street

Baxon New York Office

One Grand Central Place 60 E 42nd Street Suite 630
New York


020 348729


Jorge Hansen
[email protected]


Portfolio Monitoring Made Easy. Automate the way you collect, analyse and report portfolio company performance and valuations.

Mission Statement

Baxon delivers market leading cloud collaboration software to streamline the collection of financial and monitoring information directly from portfolio companies, automating the analysis, reporting and valuation processes. This automation not enhances the speed and accuracy of internal decision making within the fund manager but is also a powerful support tool for investor reporting and fundraising.

Headquartered in London, with first tier clients in the UK, Europe, Middle East, America and India, Baxon has been providing middle office solutions for the private equity industry for over ten years.


Baxon Solutions offers a fresh perspective for sophisticated medium and large Private Equity firms wishing to complement their existing system infrastructure with an online solution to streamline their portfolio company monitoring, reporting and valuation in real time.


• Improve Efficiency: Avoid sensitive and time-consuming tasks such as re-keying, formatting and calculations.
• Transparency: Drill down into any key metrics to understand underlying calculations. Access all portfolio company base data in a single repository.
• Integrity: Data input is automated directly from the portfolio company, avoiding potentially erroneous re-keying. Validation rules censor financial data input and encourage cleaner data.
• Accessibility: Single and central data repository, ensuring all performance information is centralized in one place; always the latest version, available 24/7, from anywhere in the world.
• Traceability: Both functions and reports allow the audit of all data and information. Users can access an audit trail; see who, how and why changes have been made.
• Scalability: Roll out to new portfolio companies is quick and cost effective


Private Equity and Venture Capital