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Isabelle IU Ulrich
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Platform Symphony - The Enterprise Grid Solution for FSI

Platform Symphony enables developers to quickly achieve application performance objectives through a single, high-level programming paradigm for multi-core and multi-node environments.   It is the fastest High Performance Computing (HPC) service-oriented infrastructure software solution developed specifically for organizations that deploy multiple applications. IT managers count on Platform Symphony as the only utility computing foundation to …

Platform Symphony Data Affinity

Platform Symphony Data Affinity is a breakthrough in solving the data latency bottlenecks caused by moving large data sets around on a compute grid. This add-on product allows Platform Symphony to significantly improve performance by taking into account data locality when scheduling workload. Platform Symphony Data Affinity virtually eliminates the time it takes to load …

Platform Symphony Multi-Core Optimizer

Platform Symphony Multi-Core Optimizer makes the most out of multi-core servers – whether your application is multi-threaded or not. Application performance and scalability are improved through reduced IO and memory contention in multi-core environments, with increased utilization from running multiple IO-intensive tasks per core, efficiently matching resources with non-uniform workload. This Platform Symphony add-on product …

Platform LSF

Platform LSF is software for managing and accelerating batch workload processing for compute-and data-intensive applications.   Platform LSF, the flagship product in the Platform Accelerate Suite, allows you to manage and accelerate batch workload processing for mission-critical compute- and data-intensive application workload. With Platform LSF you can intelligently schedule and guarantee the completion of batch …

Platform ISF

Private Cloud Management for the Enterprise Rapidly transform your internal IT data centers into dynamic private clouds (IaaS) from a single solution without lock-in. Build the cloud from multiple hypervisors, provisioning tools, and external clouds without changing your applications Deliver self-service applications to end users in minutes Manage your cloud using a unique admin cockpit …