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Real-time treasury management software

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help banking firms and other financial institutions optimise their critical decision making using next-generation technologies.

We develop real time, intelligent, cutting-edge technology software that provides financial organisations with the instant data, insight and analysis they need to make smart, informed decisions that improve operations, reduce costs, decrease risk and ensure regulatory compliance.


Planixs is the leader in cloud-based treasury solutions that deliver cash, collateral and liquidity management capabilities to leading financial institutions. Realiti from Planixs is a complete suite of modules built to deliver instantaneous insight over vast data volumes across funding, liquidity, compliance and risk.


Through our Realiti software, we offer:

– Improved risk management: Unique insights help to reduce operational, credit, liquidity and exposure risks.

– Enhanced regulatory compliance: Regulatory compliance aligned to BCBS 248 guidelines and evolving global regulations.

– Tangible financial savings: Optimised and minimised liquidity buffer requirements. Reduced intraday credit and funding costs.

– Real-time control: Live control over operational funding, cash and liquidity management activities.

– Award-winning technology: A proven technology platform, comprising AI technology, that is being utilised by banks of all sizes around the world on a daily basis.


Following the financial crisis of 2008, global regulators identified that inadequate liquidity management was a major risk to financial stability. The Intraday aspects of a firm’s liquidity strategy have become the focus of increasing attention from regulators through compliance reporting, resolution planning, stress testing and expensive liquidity buffer requirements.

Firms must understand their intraday liquidity usage and its drivers and be able to optimise funding and liquidity across the firm’s range of accounts under both normal and stressed conditions.

Recognising the lack of a solution on the market that could provide banking firms with true, real-time intraday visibility and control, Planixs was formed in 2011 – allowing banks to monitor their liquidity positions in real time and comply with regulations that have subsequently come into force.


Planixs’ product suite, Realiti, is built on Graphite – its award-winning technology platform that is one of the most scalable and performant technology platforms in the industry. Cloud-native, Graphite includes built-in machine learning and data science – along with advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology – making it the most innovative treasury management solution on the market.


Our goal is to become the go-to technology supplier for banking firms and financial organisations that are looking for true, real time control and regulatory compliance over their cash, collateral and liquidity.


Philip Yates – Chairman
Neville Roberts – Chief Executive Officer
Conor Parsons – Chief Financial Officer
Paul Elswood – Chief Operating Officer
Spencer Woods – Investment Director
Steven Clarke – Non-Executive Director
Stuart Houghton – Company Secretary

Neville Roberts – Chief Executive Officer
Conor Parsons – Chief Financial Officer
Paul Elswood – Chief Operating Officer
Damian Hedley – Chief Technology Officer
Pete McIntyre – Financial Services Director
Gary Manning – Intraday Liquidity Expert
Tim Page – Head of Sales
Ben Duncumb – Solutions Architect
Daniel Fulton – Head of Engineering
John Williams – Business Analyst & SME