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pdv Financial Software GmbH
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Enabling customers to meet today’s and future challenges with confidence. pdv Financial Software solutions provide reliable software, services and related processes as well as advanced technologies to help customers to run and grow existing business as well as realize their digital strategies and create leaner End to End Order, Execution- and Risk- Management through out the company.

Mission Statement

pdv Financial Software is a leading provider of mission critical services and software solutions for capital markets. As trusted partner covering End to End processes in Transaction- and Risk Management enterprise wide, cross functional and cross assets. pdv will continue and extend their products, services and know-how steadily to assist and support its customers and the markets for existing and futures demands, to secure and grow business. Main areas covered

  • Capital Market Solutions as a Service or Enterprise wide an all in on e2e standard solution
  • Digital Transformation Hub as a basis to start immediately and built on for growth, replacing step by step legacy systems and existing heterogeneous processes
  • Be prepared for future market needs through designing and implementing innovative banking processes –> open architecture for easy integration of Fintech solutions – e.g.  Crypto Trading, ESG, Exchange traded Derivatives, etc.

pdv Financial Software GmbH stands for comprehensive know-how and expertise in financial markets utilizing new and modern technologies and services, where ever it makes sense and is useful to achieve set targets.



pdv Financial Software is a trusted partner in the financial industry, offering services and market proven standardized software solutions for capital markets end to end. The company employs more than 80 people and has more than 25 years of experience and expert knowledge in financial markets. pdv Financial Software is part of the Cora Group, an international IT consulting and project development company focusing on the financial services, energy, and automotive industries.

pdv Financial Software provides comprehensive advice to its clients and is able to map even very complex requirements in the software and implement them in a best possible timeframe and given budgets. Customers include banks, brokers, stock exchanges and other financial service providers.

DECIDE of pdv Financial Software is one of the leading platforms for implementation of highly automated capital market processes. It supports the end-to-end process chain from pre- to post-trading. Innovative and scalable, the integrative platform enabling the digital transformation of your company. The solutions of pdv Financial Software are based around the main software platform DECIDE, which is completely designed and developed in Germany. pdv’s regional and international presence is expanding, based on close collaboration with well known and well established partners such as IBM, Oracle, ThaiQuest Limited for GB & Asia Pacific. pdv Financial Software is an Energy Partner of the City of Hamburg and has held ISO 27001 certification since February 2019.


Main Services and Solutions available

  • Capital Market as a Service – Cloud based solution
  • Enterprise solution and / or specific tailored modules
  • Consultancy and full Implementation of DECIDE Suite
  • Support of Digital Transformation (e.g. integration of Fintech solutions)


DECIDE Modules

  • Front Office – Institutional and Retail
  • Decision Support
  • Order & Execution Management
  • Position Management
  • Risk Management – Market-, Credit-, Liquidity Risk
  • Prep Clearing & Settlement/Accounting



  • Innovation for your trading and capital market processes – boost efficiency, is basis for digital transformation, SaaS and Cloud support, simple Integration of Fintech solutions.
  • Availability and Implementation of services and solutions (modules) on customer and market demand to enable step by step transfer to efficient systems and related processes
  • Design and implement lean and standardized processes, ensure agile response to market and customer demands, expand long-term solution and service offerings



Providing reliable services and solutions End to End for the Capital Market based on high quality products, know-how and expertise to fit the market and customer demand in given time and budgets always in line with set regulations. Supporting our customers to be efficiently running related business processes and get prepared in time for future needs (e.g. Crypto Currency trading, ESG investments, etc.) in order to set basis for business growth optimizing operational costs.