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Kuwait Head Office

United Arab Shipping Company Bldg.Block 6, Bldg. 3, 1st Floor, Airport St.

Kingdom of Bahrain Office

Office 21, 2nd Floor, Bldg. 20, Bahrain Tower Block 305, Road No. 385, Al Khalifa Avenue

Malaysia Office

Suite #112, Pavilion, C-GF-08 Jalan Puteri 7/13, Bandar Puteri Puchong

United Arab Emirates Office

Unit No. R29-38Reef Tower, Jumeirah Lake TowersCluster O
487232 Dubai

UK Office

Ground Floor23 Austin Friars

Lebanon Office

Mkalles Highway, Mkalles 2001 Bldg., 3rd Floor

Egypt Office

Golden Gate Tower, Autostrad Rd.Western Maadi near Al Lasilky St., 7th Floor

India Office

Office 309, SCK 01, Smart CityKakkanad, Kochi

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Office

Office No. 8402, 8th FloorNew Real Estate Bldg., Tower No. 4Al Malaz Area, Street No. 60
28774 Riyadh

Kingdom of Morocco Office

Casa Twin Tower Business CenterTwin Center, Tour Ouest, Angle Boulevards Zerktouni & Al Massira16th Floor, Office No. 1605

Pakistan Office

Office No. B-101 & B-1021st Floor Blossom Trade Centre Plot No. SB 25Block No. 1 Gulistan-e-Jauhar




Rim Richani
[email protected]


iMAL*TradeFinance is one of the building blocks that cater for Inward & Outward Letters of Credit, Letters of Guarantee, and Inward & Outward Bills for Collection. The system handles all documentary details, workflow, processes, from the time the client places his request at the bank till the time the document is closed, along with the …

Path Solutions: iMAL Islamic Core Banking Platform

iMAL is a new generation of comprehensive Enterprise Islamic Banking and Investment Sys- tem addressing the in-depth business functionality and the state-of-the-art technology in a single, highly integrated front, middle and back office system, providing an effective Straight Through Processing-STP. iMAL is based completely on the Sharia guidelines and is AAOIFI (Accounting and Auditing Organisation …


iMAL*RM is a fully-fledged suite of risk management solutions. It is intended for the risk management departments of financial institutions providing a holistic view of the risk involved in their activities, in order to enable them to make informed strategic decisions. This enterprise wide risk management platform integrates with multiple systems for complete data consolidation …


iMAL*Treasury developed by Path Solutions is an integrated yet modular front, middle and back-office solution built on an open technology platform, providing high scalability, flexibility and STP capability. It empowers financial institutions to streamline global treasury operations and make smarter decisions for effective liquidity management. The system is built on a solid workflow base that …


It is a comprehensive Asset, Portfolio and Fund Management system that caters for all industry standard Securities and related operations. It empowers the bank and investment companies to manage the bank related Assets, Funds and Portfolios along with the customers’ related investments. The system operates in a central mode, where whenever any transaction is processed …

iWINDOW - Strong Islamic Window Financial Model

iMAL*iWindow is a solution for Islamic windows operations in conventional financial institutions. iMAL*iWindow empowers conventional financial institutions in going into new business opportunities and allowing them to reach new potential customers, maximize their investments and efficiency while being in full compliance with Shari’ah regulations. The system functionalities cover customer service management (retail and corporate banking), …

iSHRAQ- Advanced Investment & Financing Management Model

iSHRAQ*Invest is an advanced investment management solution that offers a clear and concise way of managing multiple accounts under one umbrella. It is part of the Ishraq suite consisting of 3 modular products:• iSHRAQ*Invest• iSHRAQ*Finance• iSHRAQ*Treasury Ishraq Invest is a management tool for investment companies or investment department in any organization such as financial institutions. …


iMAL*CRMPlus is a web-based application for supporting processes implemented by a financial institution when handling customers’ contacts. It also caters for storing information on current and prospective customers. Information in iMAL*CRMPlus can be accessed by employees from different departments, such as sales, marketing, customer service and performance management. It is based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. …

iMAL*2RetailPortal - Internet Banking

iMAL*2RetailPortal represents a convenient online banking service that can be offered by financial institutions to their retail customers. The system provides customers with an easy, fast, and secured access to their banking ac- counts, portfolios, positions and related transactions. Through iMAL*2RetailPortal, the reg- istered customers can perform banking transactions like fund transfers, utility bill payments, …

iMAL*2CorporatePortal - Internet Banking

iMAL*2CorporatePortal enables financial institutions to offer their corporate customers online highly secure and advanced banking services. Through a highly flexible system, financial managers of government agencies, large corpora- tions, and SMEs can manage cash and accounts, liquidity, investments, and financings. Built on a J2EE platform, the iMAL*2CorporatePortal solution for corporate banking is designed for intensive …

iMAL*2Mobile - Mobile banking

iMAL*2Mobile-Web is another member of the iMAL Delivery Channels’ offering. It is com- pletely integrated with iMAL core banking system and has the flexibility to integrate with other systems through direct integration or through a middleware. Mobile banking services utiliza- tion is optimized when integrated with CRM and phone banking systems. The system provides customers …

iMAL*CSM - Customer Service Management

It is not just a standard CSM system. It is an electronically delivery channel for all the bank products and services. It empowers the bank to offer all services and products on the counter. The system covers the following main areas: • Standard Retail operations, such as deposits,withdrawals, checkbook requests, etc.. • Complete requests’ management, …

iMAL*Facility Management

Financial facilities pre-approval process, is one of the most important processes in the bank, whereby several issues should be addressed,such as data accuracy, application filtering, data availability and time-to-respond to the customer. This is achieved with the use of the iMAL*FacilityManagement System, where: • Customer applications are processed in the system either by the user …


The module caters for corporate and retail Islamic investment and financing; in specific banks, mutual funds and customers restricted and unrestricted investments. It handles operations from front office to back office, along with related reporting at different levels, such as maturity and investment analysis. The system is highly parameterizable, and handles all instruments, such as …


iMAL*Sukuk enables financial institutions to manage Islamic Sukuk operations, from the creation of the Sukuk to their expiry date. The system covers the creation of security instruments, Sukuk trading, profit accruals for the financial institutions and their customers, the  settlement transactions along with the payment processes and related accounting entries. The module also manages the …


iMAL*BusinessIntelligence is a highly parameterized solution that empowers financial institutions with the intelligence required to monitor and manage operations, and proactively respond to the changes of the market.The iMAL*BusinessIntelligence system provides financial institutions with a holistic view of the institutions’ activities and performance in various dimensions. Nevertheless, it utilizes analysis techniques, ratios and computation procedures …


It is the Core of iMAL. It handles on balance sheet and off balance sheet accounting.The system is fully parameterizable, caters for multiple companies/books, multiple branches, multiple currencies, multiple cost and profit centers.The system enables the user to process all kind of transactions at both levels, on and off balance sheet levels, such as standard …

iMAL*Financial Template Reports

It is a financial accounting reporting tool that allows accountants and financial controllers to design any kind of financial reports based on predefined templates, such as ALM reports, balance sheets, profit and loss, budget related reports, the current year vis-à-vis last year, etc..

iMAL*Islamic Profit Calculation

It calculates and distributes profits in compliance with the bank Sharia Board, based on Mudaraba liability contracts. The profit distribution is based on a set of criteria and parameters that are built in the system.The module incorporates: • Built-in Control Procedures • Built-in Limits Monitoring and Exposure Control • Extensive Credit Risk Measurement and Evaluation …


It is an ISO-8583 interface that enables the interfacing between the bank ATM switch or national switch and iMAL Core banking system. iMAL*ATMBroker is developed to support all transactions processed through standard and advanced ATM/POS machines (Withdrawals, Deposits, Balance Inquiry, mini-Statements, Checkbook requests, Statement requests, Bill settlements, etc).All electron ATM/POS transactions processed through iMAL*ATMBroker are …

Path Solutions: Microfinance

  iSHRAQ*Microfinance module enables financial institutions to run the mass retail services that comprise microfinance and community banking at lower cost. The system delivers high security, efficiency, resilience and cost savings for financial institutions assisting them to develop loan programs to finance projects, training and education.  iSHRAQ*Microfinance Loan Programs Business Features: – No collaterals, guarantors, …