Helping FI's detect risk and opportunity


Owlin is a news and text- analytics company, which helps finance professionals around the globe monitor large portfolios and detect early warning signals posing potential risk or creating opportunities that foster their investment decisions. Owlin serves a global client base which consists of Asset Managers, Banks, Pension Funds, Payments Service Providers, and Corporates. Owlin taps into more than 3M global internet sources across 12 languages and creates actionable insights in near real-time.


Owlin helps professionals in the Financial Industry, Payments, and Corporates to streamline their workflow, reduce time spent on digesting news and helps to surface relevant events, regardless of these already being headline news. We identify emerging risk, spot business opportunities and enable professionals to monitor huge landscapes of entities, clients, investments, competitors and all topics that are relevant to their use case.

Owlin makes sure you can act as one of the first.


Owlin has grown from a startup in 2012 to a globally operating company servicing Tier 1 Financial Institutions, Payments Service Providers and Consultants. With significant year-on-year growth, Waters Technology has named Owlin winner in the category ‘Best Data Analytics Provider’ in 2021.


Owlin focusses on corporates in the Financial Industry, Corporates and Consultants. Our clients are Banks, Asset Managers, Pension Funds, Consultancy firms (Big5) and Payments companies.

Key Customers

Fitch Solutions, Adyen, ING, KPMG, Worldline, Berkshire Partners, Newmarket, NN Investment Partners, PGGM