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OutSystems is the #1 low-code platform for digital transformation - build mobile apps, web portals, mission-critical systems, and more.

Mission Statement

Provide organizations the capacity to innovate and differentiate via unique digital systems that adapt as fast as business demands.


The #1 Low-Code Platform for Digital Transformation

Thousands of customers worldwide trust OutSystems, the number one low-code platform for rapid application development.

Engineers with an obsessive attention to detail crafted every aspect of the OutSystems platform to help organizations build enterprise-grade apps and transform their business faster.

OutSystems is the only solution that combines the power of low-code development with advanced mobile capabilities, enabling visual development of entire application portfolios that easily integrate with existing systems.


The Fastest Way to Build Enterprise-grade Applications
* Visually develop full-stack apps
* Integrate with everything
* Deploy to any device
* No lock-in, no boundaries


In 2001, OutSystems started with a vision: a complete reversal of software delivery. The founders of OutSystems were seasoned IT professionals who recognized that a large majority of software projects were failing. The projects either did not meet the deadlines or their budget was overrun.

At that time, most companies were using a “waterfall” approach to development. In a waterfall project (which some companies still use today), development is less expensive in the beginning during the analysis and design stages. Changes in later stages become increasingly more costly. So a great deal of time is spent trying to plan for everything needed in an application to ensure that it is “right the first time.”

The problem is that it is just not practical to know every requirement that might be needed in an application or plan for every eventuality. Therefore, instead of being right, the software still has to be changed. The more the application changes, the more complex it becomes. Complexity adds to the expense and makes it even harder to manage or update the application further down the lifecycle. Eventually, projects reach the point where it is cheaper and less time consuming to replace the application than it is to update it.

For OutSystems, the question that became the vision was, “What if, instead of trying to get software right upfront, changes were cheap and fast, independent of the size of the application?” We examined the anatomy of change and built OutSystems Platform, which makes changes to applications fast, robust and inexpensive at any point in the lifecycle.