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Vienna Office

AM Europlatz 2, Gebaude G

Budapest Head Office

Valyog utca 3


+36 1 437-0700


Stefano Perciballi
[email protected]

Mission Statement

UNIQUE COMPETENCE Our experience and professional knowledge in the field of credit institutes and finance is unique among IT providers

CUSTOMIZED SYSTEMS With the help of our unique development and version management technology, our modules can be rapidly customized, and implemented, at the same time we have extensive experience in realizing unique functionality

HIGH QUALITY Owing to the quality control system covering all of our activities, the controlled development processes, our systems are of high quality and reliable

QUICK RETURN Fast launching of developments that save customer resources, increased efficiency in management, and flexible response to market trends result in our customers gaining advantage in the rapidly changing financial market


ONLINE BUSINESS TECHNOLOGIES Co. is one of the largest software houses in Hungary, providing IT solutions to commercial banks and financial institutes for over 26 years.