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Corporate Headquarters, Milan, Italy Head Office

Via Giovanni da Procida, 24

Objectway Regional Headquarters, UK Office

25 Canada Square, Canary Wharf

Objectway Regional Headquarters, Belgium Office

Zandvoortstraat C45




Georgios Lekkas
[email protected]


Financial Software & Digital Solutions

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support the competitiveness of the financial industry businesses and to help them gain market share through the provision of software solutions and outstanding, innovative services.


Objectway is a supplier of innovative software and services solutions to the financial services industry. It has over 150 clients worldwide and is ranked as one of the top Wealth Management software providers in Europe.


The Financial Software division develops software based on a shared, open application architecture and database.
The ObjectWay Financial Software platform is multichannel and designed for flexibility, allowing to rapidly develop new products and services that are differentiated by sales channel or customer segment. The platform complies with the latest regulations, such as MiFID, and provides advanced information to facilitate risk monitoring and the adaptation of operations to supervisory requirements and recommendations.

The software can be used for streamlined and highly automated work-flows that reduce back-office costs.
It is scalable and can be developed on a departmental basis, without sacrificing reliability and performance, thus reducing investment and operating costs.
Its open architecture means that it can be easily integrated and have low operating and expansion costs.


Objectway was founded in 1990 and has grown to be a leader in software applications and services for the financial services industry in Europe. The headquarters are in Milan with offices in Italy, the UK, Belgium, Ireland and South Africa and more than 600 business and software specialists.
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Banks, asset management companies, brokerages, life insurance companies.

Advisory services, securities processing and asset management, financial and insurance product sales, fee & revenue management.

SOA Architectures, JEE and Microsoft .NET enterprise frameworks, Web Portals and Rich Internet Applications.

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Luigi Marciano, President and CEO

Alberto Cuccu, Chief Client Solution Officer

Georgios Lekkas, Chief Product Officer