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Anne Kermarrec
[email protected]

NeoXam DataHub (former SmartCo Data Hub)

NeoXam DataHub is a global Data Management solution that covers almost all data types, including reference data, market data, corporate actions, indices and benchmarks, third parties, funds and mandates, financial analysis, etc., as well as operational data for positions and transactions. NeoXam DataHub provides a very rich set of Data Management functionnalities :  Full connectivity support …

NeoXam Tracker3

Front and Middle-Office Solution dedicated to Institutional management and Alternative management

NeoXam Density

From Front to Back-Office, NeoXam Density provides Asset Managers, Insurers, Hedge Funds and Wealth Managers with a fully integrated investment management solution.

NeoXam Manager

NeoXam Manager helps buy-side management firms manage the investment process by providing: Portfolio construction Asset allocation algorithms Portfolio rebalancing Market risk monitoring Portfolio optimization Position keeping Benchmark management Pre-/Post-trade compliance Order management Order routing Trade execution Trade allocation & confirmation

NeoXam GP3 (investment accounting, reporting)

NeoXam GP3 is a real-time solution handling simultaneously multiple tax and accounting methodologies based on MBOR, multi-share classes, master/feeder, umbrella, multi-manager, and multi-fund structures. NeoXam GP3 also has a fully integrated general ledger and provides a smart IBOR.