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Employee Compliance

MyComplianceOffice is a fully integrated platform that provides transparency into an employee’s conduct risk profile. Using the same underlying master data sets, it provides an unprecedented level of risk control. Manage the company's code of conduct activities and mitigate misconduct risk across multiple business areas with one, fully integrated solution. Our KYE suite for employee …

Personal Trading Compliance

Our Employee Personal Trading System can capture, report and monitor all of your employees' personal trading activities in the most efficient and cost-effective approach ensuring you are in accordance with industry regulations and your firms' policies and procedures. MCO’s Personal Trade Manager is part of the Know Your Employee (KYE) suite created to comprehensively address employee compliance. …

Insider List & MNPI Management

Many deal teams, investment and compliance professionals use Excel spreadsheets to manually track insider lists. These manual methods are unstructured, inefficient and error-prone.  MyComplianceOffice makes insider list management easier by enabling users to create insider lists, complete with individuals and roles/rights assignments, timeframes when individuals can access inside information as well as a cross-referenceable hierarchical …

Deal Review Compliance

It’s important to manage potential conflicts of interest in investment banking deals. Control rooms or compliance departments need a proactive way to manage this process. MCO provides an effective way for firms to review investment banking deals, evaluate potential conflicts, define the associated restrictions, as well as capture the compliance review for auditing, regulatory and reporting needs. …

Control Room Compliance

MCO's Control Room Compliance Solution is an enterprise conflict of interest solution that provides an effective way for firms to manage the flow of sensitive information, review investment banking deals and private transactions for potential conflicts, define the associated restrictions, manage MNPI and insider lists, manage research activities,  while capturing a complete compliance review for …

Third Party Risk Management

Automating your third party vendor risk management program on MyComplianceOffice will deliver a clearer picture of the risks you face from vendors and third parties, regardless of the depth or scale of their relationship with you.  With Third Party Manager organizations can centralize third party data in a single repository, gather pertinent data on third parties, conduct …

Gifts, Entertainment and Hospitality Compliance

MCO's Gift, Entertainment and Hospitality (GEH) is the most comprehensive solution for monitoring employee gifts, meals, entertainment, travel and hospitality activities available today.  Automation with GEH helps to mitigate misconduct risk and drive a culture of compliance across the organization. Our Gift, Entertainment and Hospitality Compliance Solutions have huge benefits to organizations, including: Integration with …

MCO Essentials - Small Firm Compliance

Small firms often lack the resources to efficiently and effectively meet compliance obligations, but no firm gets a pass from regulatory scrutiny, regardless of size. That’s where MCO Essentials can help. Designed to meet the needs of small enterprises with less than 50 employees, MCO Essentials provides firms with a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution that …