Local Payments. Internationally.

Mission Statement

Macropay aims to make alternative payments and open banking easy for merchants and clients.


Macropay brings the world of emerging local payment methods and open banking to international merchants via one simple integration and a smooth onboarding process.

Macropay uses a full suite of merchant tools, including integrated fraud prevention and platform-integrated settlements, offering numerous local payment methods that have the largest market share within their respective regions.


We review your requirements & bring you everything from cutting edge gateway technology to merchant client acquisition with top tier service and speed to market absolutely assured.


From its humble beginnings, the fintech startup lunched in a living room in Transylvania 7 years ago has grown into a successful fintech company.


Macropay specialises in Alternative Payment Methods, Open Banking and Advisory services.


We bring the world of local payment methods & open banking to international merchants


Get to know the Macropay team here: https://macropay.net/about-us/