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Linedata is a global solutions provider dedicated to the Investment Management and the Credit community.

Mission Statement

Linedata is a global solutions provider with 700 clients operating in 50 countries. With more than 900 employees across the globe, we are dedicated to the Investment Management and Credit community.

We believe growth in the financial industry will be driven by sustainability and innovation among its stakeholders. Our vision is to be the global preferred partner supporting client growth in investment management and the credit industry.

With more than a decade of experience in the industry and the strong financials of a publicly listed firm, we make long-term investments in our solutions and services to help you meet your challenges now and in the future.


Linedata is a global supplier of financial services IT, offering best-of-breed solutions for asset management, credit finance and insurance and savings.


•We value sustainable and long-term client relationships; your success drives everything we do. That’s why 80% of our clients have been with us for more than 10 years.

•We understand your markets and develop insights that make a positive impact to your firm. We innovate daily to deliver best of breed, reliable, mission-critical market solutions that anticipate your needs.

•Service is in Linedata’s DNA. We are passionate and proactive experts dedicated to your growth. First to market with ASP ten years ago, Software as a Service (“SaaS”) has been a key part of our business from the very start.


Linedata was founded in September 1998 as the result of a merger of three firms: GSI Division des Banques, Line Data and BDB Participation. A leveraged management buyout backed by AXA Private Equity Fund (APEF) gave employees at GSI Division des Banques majority control over their company in December 1997. The subsequent acquisition of Line Data and BDB Participation led to the creation of a new company: Linedata. New, but not a startup, the new corporate entity benefited at the outset from the best management, technology and operational expertise drawn from its three component companies.

Linedata achieved a major milestone in May 2007 when it was admitted to the Nouveau Marché on the Paris Stock exchange. Linedata (Ticker LIN.FP on Bloomberg) is now quoted on Euronext Paris and has become one of the most respected and independent technology firms in its field.

Linedata has expanded rapidly to accommodate its global customer base, supporting clients by both product and location. To support this growth, Linedata followed an aggressive acquisition and integration strategy that has allowed the firm to anticipate industry trends and client needs for the past 10 years:

July 2011: Fimasys

September 1999: Bimaco Finance in Luxembourg, followed by the acquisition of the Paris-based Pen Lan and EKIP / Ingénétudes. This first wave of acquisitions established Linedata as the European leader for leasing & credit solutions.

March 2001: Longview Group, based in Boston in the United States. This acquisition established Linedata as a global leader in front-office solutions for asset management.

January 2002: The assets of IAS II from the British company FMS. IAS II provided IT solutions for the back-office accounting management of mutual and institutional funds and helped Linedata to reinforce its back-office solution.

February 2003: Icon and Preview, the European portfolio solutions of Thomson Financial, an operating unit of The Thomson Corporation. These key assets put Linedata at the forefront with the buy-side front- and back-office in the UK, further consolidating its leadership position in Europe.

December 2003: ESDS, a specialist in the field of personal and group insurance software, (ESDS) in France. This bolstered Linedata’s offering in the ESDS space.

October 2005: Global Investment Systems (“GIS”), which specialized in back-office software solutions for the mutual fund and hedge fund industries. GIS was a leading supplier of specialized investment, shareholder and partnership accounting software to fund managers and administrators in the US and international off-shore markets. This acquisition helped expand Linedata’s customer base and capabilities in these markets.

December 2005: Beauchamp Financial Technology, which specialized in portfolio management software solutions tailored to the hedge fund segment of the asset management market. This acquisition gave Linedata a powerful offering designed specifically for the growing hedge fund markets in the UK, North America and Asia.

With our strong acquisition and integration policy, Linedata is well positioned to support client by growth by delivering comprehensive front-to-back solutions for the asset management and credit industries.


Linedata’s range of products consists of “best-of-breed” software systems for the financial services industry. As well as offering traditional deployment options, Linedata has over 30 years proven experience in providing hosted solutions and is unique in offering all its products via an ASP (Application Solutions Provider) model. Linedata’s ASP solution provides its clients with access to best-of-breed software, without the hosting and infrastructure costs typically associated with fully installed software.

Asset Management
Linedata’s Asset Management Division (LDSAM) provides global front-to back-office solutions for buy-side institutions and third party administrators. The Division’s client base includes over 800 financial institutions with 13,000 users across five continents. Products include solutions for Compliance, Fund Accounting, Hedge Funds, Order Management and Electronic Trading, Partnerships and Transfer Agencies.

Savings & Insurance / Leasing & Credit Finance
Linedata Services is a leading provider in the Savings business and in the Individual and Collective Savings area in France. Linedata Services is the preferred partner for specialised financial institutions for consumer credit, car finance, professional finance or syndicated loans with an integrated Front-to-Back offering which guarantees complete management of contracts throughout their life-cycle.


In recent years, Linedata has annually reinvested 10% of group revenues into research & development and product range enhancement. Combined with the experience of our management team and commitment to long term client relationships, Linedata has achieved recognised status as a profitable and high-growth best-of-breed software provider.


Anvaraly JIVA, Founder & CEO Linedata
Joined the GSI group in 1978 and led the top management team of GSI Division des Banques from 1985 onwards. Became Chairman of the Board at Financière de la Renaissance when it was created at end of 1997 following the leveraged management buyout of GSI Division des Banques, and is now Chairman of the Executive Board. Mr Jiva anticipated the new needs that were emerging in the area of back-office administration, as well as the related legal and economic developments, and developed efficient software solutions.

Michael DE VERTEUIL, member of the Executive Board Linedata
Joined GSI Switzerland’s banking arm in 1987 and GSI Division des Banques in 1993. He took part in the leveraged management buyout alongside Anvaraly Jiva and helped found the Linedata Services Group. Since 1998, Mr. De Verteuil has been in charge of the Group’s international development and has enabled Linedata Services to become a major international player in the market for financial IT solutions. Member of the Executive Board, Michael de Verteuil is actively involved in the acquisition process and integration of the companies which join the group.

Denis BLEY, Chief Financial Officer Linedata
Joined Linedata Services in May 2008 as CFO. After an initial period in the M&A department at Société Générale, Denis Bley moved to Cegos in 1991 as a Financial Management Consultant.In 1994, he joined the Radiall Group where he was initially Financial Controller in France, and subsequently in the United States from 1997. In 2000, he was appointed Corporate Secretary, and became Group Chief Financial Officer in 2004. Denis Bley is also a Member of the Executive Board.

Annie MORRIS, Managing Director for North America
Annie Morris joined Linedata through the acquisition of The LongView Group in 2001. Annie has held senior level positions across product management, sales, and client services, and is currently responsible for the growth of Linedata’s businesses in North America and the Caribbean. Key responsibilities include business development, delivery and strategy, as well as oversight for offices in Boston and New York. Prior to joining The LongView Group, Annie held technology positions at Morgan Stanley Asset Management and MS & Co. Annie graduated cum laude with joint degrees in Business and Humanities from the University of Notre Dame.

Marie-Odile PIRUS, Group Head of Human Resources
Marie-Odile Pirus joined Linedata in September 2008 as Group Head of Human Resources. She is in charge of the definition and the deployment of our Human Resources strategy including internal communication and change management.
After starting her career as finance controller for PPR group and France Telecom, she moved towards a career in Human Resources for a long distance networks firm. In 2003 she joined Rubbermaid as Recruitment and Development Manager for Europe, then moved to MSC Software, a US software company, as Human Resources Director for EMEA, eventually becoming their Group Human Resources Director for Sales& Services. Marie Odile Pirus graduated from the European Business School in 1991 and holds a Master in Human Resources Strategy from HEC ( 2003).