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Barry Monk
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low latency routes to ECN, ATS, dark pool, liquidity pools

Level 3 serves trading firms, investment banks, commercial banks & financial exchanges with data center, BC/DR, to WAN/LAN/GAN, Internet, and financial exchange connectivity, and voice applications. We have the lowest latency wave routes to financial exchanges, ECNs, ATSs and market data providers.

DDoS Mitigation

With Level 3 DDoS Mitigation, we provide network-based, “always-on” and on-demand protection with 24 x 7 monitoring.

Wave, PtP, Private Line, ethernet, EPL, MPLS, DS3, OC3, SIP

Whatever methodology an enterprise requires for delivery of latency sensitive information we can accomodate them. Better yet it will run over our private network with committed SLAs.

direct connections to ECN, ATS, dark pools, liquidity pools

Trade execution and getting the market info your firm needs to beat the competition just doesn’t get any faster! Level 3 has round trip speeds between major ECNs, market makers, data providers and liquidity pools below .20 microseconds.

Liquidity Express - Chicago to NY or London or Paris

Trading firms, hedge funds, top investment banks, top commercial banks, and the world’s largest exchanges rely on us to stay up. Organizations rely on us to provide — COLO, data center and BC/DR, networking, WAN/LAN/GAN, Internet, and financial exchange connectivity, as well as enterprise voice.

Connections to any data center, data warehouse

We are center agnostic. Whether it is Sungard, Savvis, CRGWest, IDC Global, Equinix, Rack Space, Gramtel. With close to 10,000 lit buildings we probably already have a Dmark in these facilities for our existing clients and can quickly get you up and running. At a minimum you’ll need redundancy.