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New York
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Aislinn Murphy
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KX Streaming Analytics

Enterprise streaming analytics for self-managed deployments KX Streaming Analytics provides the ability to ingest, store, process, and analyze historic and time series data to make analytics, insights, and visualizations instantly available. To help ensure your applications and users are productive quickly, the platform provides the full lifecycle of data services, including query processing, tiering, migration, …


Kdb+ is a scalable, high-performance relational database with a single format for real-time and historical data, providing an end-to-end solution, and eliminating latency across multiple data management systems. It handles virtually unlimited quantities of data at real-time speeds.

KX for Flow

KX for Flow is a HTML5 white label foreign exchange trading platform offering users the ability to create bespoke liquidity pools and distribute price information to clients and markets. Our comprehensive turn-key solution provides in-depth risk management functions as well as real-time in-memory analytics. KX solutions are based on a modular platform that covers the …

KX Dashboards

Visualize, Analyze and Monitor Massive Datasets Harness the skills of your organization with Dashboards for Kx. Discover new opportunities in your data; take advantage of a full suite of tools with OLAP tables, multi-charts, maps and more. In-built custom components offer readymade surveillance, tick-driven financial charts, and alerting solutions. Or take your dashboards to the …

KX for Surveillance

KX for Surveillance enables financial institutions to instantly detect known trading violations like layering, spoofing or marking the close. Customers can calibrate their parameters in real time to improve their detection quality and accuracy. The flexibility of the historical database and replay engine eases retrospective investigation for new types of fraudulent behaviour and suspicious activity.


A Data-Focused Approach At its core, MiFID II compliance is about data. While many focus on the immediate reporting and procedural requirements, we recognize that it is through the complementary creation, collation and management of data that complete and costeffective compliance can be achieved. Moreover, it is the only way of catering for the inevitable …

KX for MiFID and MAR

MiFID and MAR Solutions The transaction monitoring and reporting requirements under MiFID/R II and MAR demand a powerful solution that functions beyond ‘regulated markets’, keeping pace with the new paradigm of closer market supervision. Kx has the technology solution and the resources to implement it and execute change. Kx for MiFID and MAR accommodates all …

KX Analyst

KX Analyst allows you to manipulate massive datasets, without programming, using an intuitive point-and-click interface. Incorporate flexible spreadsheets to perform simple or complex analytical computations in real time, with full scripting support. Data analysts and scientists can effortlessly load, transform, query, and visualize massive datasets in near real-time in a development environment that offers tools …

KX FX Risk Management

KX FX Risk Management provides the performance and flexibility to deploy a wide range of trading and hedging strategies while managing positions and their associated risk. Risk can be organized into multiple books, each with their own positions and hedging rules. You can configure rules in real-time using smart order routing for optimizing execution and …

KX Insights (tm)

Cloud-First, Real-time Streaming Analytics Platform Cloud-native development and delivery of powerful real-time insights on streaming and historical data with unlimited scalability and zero maintenance KX InsightsTM is a cloud-native platform for critical real-time performance and continuous actionable intelligence. Using complex event processing, high-speed analytics and machine learning interfaces, it enables fast decision-making and automated responses …