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Kdb+ is a scalable, high-performance relational database with a single format for real-time and historical data, providing an end-to-end solution, and eliminating latency across multiple data management systems. It handles virtually unlimited quantities of data at real-time speeds.

Stream for Kx

High-Volume, High-Velocity Streaming Analytics Platform Stream for Kx enables users to capture, store and analyze massive volumes of streaming data. It provides an enterprise-ready, high-performance, fully integrated yet simple platform for capturing and analyzing data that contrasts with the complexity and cost of alternative approaches. Incorporating a Lambda/HTAP architecture for seamlessly combining real-time and historical …

Control for Kx

A Framework of Visibility, Governance and Control Control for Kx provides our clients with the flexibility required for product development and design, but with the ability to exercise rigorous control across their application landscape, with full visibility into what processes are currently running and a resilient governance framework in place to ensure full ownership and …

Kx Analyst

Kx ANALYST Leveraging the power and performance of kdb+ database technology, Kx Analyst couples powerful interactive development tools with a wide range of data manipulation and exploration tools for the ultimate Big Data analysis experience. Now, data analysts and scientists can effortlessly load, transform, query, and visualize massive datasets in near real-time with minimal or …

Kx Data Refinery

Flexible access to rich data and analytics Outsourced processing, distributed systems and, worst of all, Shadow IT have led to uncontrolled replication of data throughout organizations – and with it considerable cost and risk. From flawed investment decisions and trading errors to false reporting and misstated accounts the implications of poor quality and inconsistent data …

Kx Dashboards

Visualize, Analyze and Monitor Massive Datasets Harness the skills of your organization with Dashboards for Kx. Discover new opportunities in your data; take advantage of a full suite of tools with OLAP tables, multi-charts, maps and more. In-built custom components offer readymade surveillance, tick-driven financial charts, and alerting solutions. Or take your dashboards to the …

Kx for CAT

Seven years ago our industry was confronted with a stark reality; our regulator’s ability to comprehensively surveil the markets using OATS data was proven not up to task. A new paradigm was needed, and the Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) was born. The Securities Exchange Commission’s Regulation 613, the CAT NMS Plan, is the most significant …

Kx for MiFID II

A Data-Focused Approach At its core, MiFID II compliance is about data. While many focus on the immediate reporting and procedural requirements, we recognize that it is through the complementary creation, collation and management of data that complete and costeffective compliance can be achieved. Moreover, it is the only way of catering for the inevitable …

Kx for MiFID and MAR

MiFID and MAR Solutions The transaction monitoring and reporting requirements under MiFID/R II and MAR demand a powerful solution that functions beyond ‘regulated markets’, keeping pace with the new paradigm of closer market supervision. Kx has the technology solution and the resources to implement it and execute change. Kx for MiFID and MAR accommodates all …

Kx for Surveillance

Holistic multi-factorial surveillance across First and Second Lines of defense. Banks, exchanges and regulators around the globe are increasingly turning to Kx for a more dynamic approach to gaining insight into the behavior of multiple focus points including traders, clients, brokers, market participants and of increasing importance real-time monitoring of algorithms. Built on technology chosen …

Kx for Algos

Low latency algorithmic trading platform Based on a proven, scalable Complex Event Processing (CEP) architecture, Kx for Algos provides the performance and flexibility to research, engineer, test and deploy a wide range of proprietary trading strategies and manage associated risk in real-time. Strategies may be tested and refined using a built-in exchange simulator before being …

Kx for Flow

Market Neutral FX trading powered by Kx technology Kx for Flow is an HTML5 white label foreign exchange trading platform offering users the ability to create bespoke liquidity pools and distribute price information to clients and markets. Our comprehensive turn-key solution provides in-depth credit and risk management functions as well as real-time in-memory analytics. Kx’s …

q - a powerful, proprietary high-level language

q is a powerful language for querying & programming with built-in time-series, administration and tuning functions. With Kdb+ it offers a unique and original solution set for ultra-high performance database and real-time analysis, enabling institutions to process constantly increasing data volumes.