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Graham Mansfield
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kACE² The Analytics Platform

The Analytics Platform One product – Many solutions. The cost of maintaining multiple analytical systems, combined with the complexities of integration, provides a strong business case for one analytics production environment right across the enterprise.   kACE2 The Analytics Platform kACE2 is an analytics production platform for use across the enterprise.   It is designed to create an …

kACE² Modeling Studio

Modeling Studio kACE2 Environment The kACE2 experience starts by users interacting with the kACE2 platform through the collaborative analytics and model database. The database captures expertise from individuals throughout your organisation and merges this expertise into leading-edge modeling solutions, making those models globally available to others. Development of Analytic Models At the heart of kACE2 …

kACE² Run-Time

Run-Time Delivering the Solution Once the core model and its user interfaces are built, they are sent to the solution server. At this stage, options can be left open for the final end-users to hand-pick the exact functionality required.  The user pick-list includes a choice of currencies, curves or actual data ranges. End-User Options Now …

kACE² Ready-to-Use Solutions

kACE² Ready–to-Use Solutions After more than 20 years of innovation, Kalahari’s solutions are at the very core of the markets.   Our pre-built, ready-to-use solutions have a reputation for accuracy, scalability and ease-of-use and are trusted by some of the world’s leading financial institutions.    Built using the Company’s next generation product, the kACE² analytics platform, …

kACE² Publishing

  kACE² Publishing provides financial institutions with an efficient and cost-effective solution to synchronise and publish improved quality, real-time data to their own customers via numerous platforms, including RMDS and Triarch.   kACE² Publishing allows the trading desks to use their systems much as before. Modifications are made to desk models to provide clean data for …