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Kalahari Limited Head Office

6 Manor Way
Old Woking


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Graham Mansfield
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Real-time price discovery, analytics and data publishing solutions trusted to help drive trading decisions across the markets.

Mission Statement

Kalahari is a global provider of real-time price discovery, analytics and data publishing software solutions. Our products are tailored for professionals in financial services and are trusted to help drive trading decisions across the markets. Our products have a reputation for accuracy, scalability and ease of use.

Financial market professionals working in the money, foreign exchange, fixed income emerging and energy markets around the world use Kalahari’s products. While global market index companies are using our products to power their indices.

Kalahari is about real-time analytics: pricing instruments, publishing prices/data and performing more accurately and efficiently than any other organisation.


Kalahari provides real-time price discovery, analytics and data publishing solutions. Our products cover: FX; OIS; IRS and FRA; IRS; FX Cash Arbitrage; FX FRA Arbitrage for OIS and FRA Markets; Basis Swaps; Interest Rate Options; Asset Swaps; Fixed Income Market Making; Emerging Markets and Indices calculation.


Highly scalable – from small workgroups to large distributed networks;
Consistency in analytics across the entire organisation;
Control and transparency of spreadsheets;
Reduced time-to-market;
Rapid model development;
Integration across functions;
Reduced reliance on third parties;
Data sharing across traded products;
Extensive breadth of product coverage;
Reduced cost of ownership;
Unparalleled client support.


Kalahari (UK) Limited was founded by Peter Trenier and Graham Mansfield in 1987 with the specific purpose of providing pricing software for the emerging off balance sheet market, particularly FRAs and Swaps. Kalahari’s first product, WinDiamond, was launched in 1988. WinDiamond was a DOS system, and was the first commercially available system for pricing FRAs and Swaps from live feeds.

With the emergence of Windows technology in the early nineties, Diamond was ported to run in Windows 3.11 and in 1995, a full yield curve based system, WinDiamond II, replaced the old calculator based system. Also in 1995, Kalahari reached agreement with Trio Information Systems Ltd to market its advanced Cash and FRA Foreign Exchange Arbitrage System, Trio Arbitrage. During 1997 and early 1998 development centred on broadening the functionality of WinDiamond II and moving the system to 32 bit architecture. WinDiamond32 was launched in May 1998.

In early 1999 Kalahari was successful in receiving over half a million pounds worth of private investment funding, allowing the company to recruit development and support staff to prepare for the launch of k.A.C.E.® (Kalahari Advanced Calculation Environment) in July 1999.

In October 1999 Kalahari were selected by PricewaterhouseCoopers to join its CWEP Programme (Companies With Extraordinary Potential). The aim of the programme is to help firms achieve and maintain growth and profitability, and create shareholder value.

In August 2000 Kalahari (UK) Limited changed its name to Kalahari Limited, in order to emphasise the increased global presence the company has achieved.


State-of-the art pricing models for financial professionals covering all asset classes.


In the fast-moving world of financial trading, software applications must be sufficiently adaptable to keep up with the demands of traders and markets. Changes in methodology or convention have to be implemented as soon as possible if an institution is to maintain its competitive edge in the market.

Constantly forward thinking and proactive, we have one clear aim: to assist financial institutions of varying size and complexity to respond with speed to market requirements for pricing methodology.


Peter Trenier, Chairman
Graham Mansfield, Managing Director
Edward Maher, Managing Director – Americas
Mark Holden, Sales Director EMEA
Steven Palmer, COO & Finance Director
Matt Wilkes, Director Global Strategic Accounts
Martin Stevens, Director Professional Services & Support